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kr 855,00
Was kr 79,00Now kr 53,00
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Was kr 179,00Now kr 139,00
Was kr 252,00Now kr 205,00
Was kr 134,10Now kr 97,20
Was kr 139,00Now kr 114,00
Was kr 394,99Now kr 388,99
Was kr 88,06Now kr 85,82
kr 77,37
Was kr 196,00Now kr 187,00
Was kr 131,55Now kr 128,90
Was kr 280,77Now kr 274,77
Was kr 124,83Now kr 118,83
Was kr 358,40Now kr 352,40
Was kr 148,71Now kr 142,85
Was kr 150,45Now kr 148,72
Was kr 198,72Now kr 193,90
Was kr 117,98Now kr 111,98
Was kr 123,84Now kr 117,84
Was kr 199,89Now kr 199,60
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