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Was kr 85,00Now kr 72,00
Was kr 75,00Now kr 60,00
Was kr 398,00Now kr 393,00
Was kr 387,00Now kr 364,00
Was kr 238,00Now kr 229,00
kr 163,00
Was kr 250,00Now kr 181,00
Was kr 313,00Now kr 304,00
Was kr 382,00Now kr 358,00
Was kr 213,00Now kr 198,00
Was kr 118,00Now kr 115,00
Was kr 170,00Now kr 161,00
Was kr 133,00Now kr 123,00
Was kr 255,00Now kr 247,00
Was kr 139,00Now kr 129,00
Was kr 171,00Now kr 121,00
kr 266,00
Was kr 142,00Now kr 125,00
Was kr 121,00Now kr 89,00
Was kr 273,00Now kr 252,00
Was kr 352,00Now kr 328,00
Was kr 230,00Now kr 221,00
Was kr 212,00Now kr 205,00
Was kr 140,00Now kr 130,00
Was kr 130,00Now kr 121,00
Was kr 200,00Now kr 185,00
Was kr 150,00Now kr 140,00
kr 100,00
Was kr 111,00Now kr 90,00
Was kr 116,00Now kr 107,00
Was kr 117,00Now kr 107,00
Was kr 124,00Now kr 115,00
Was kr 106,00Now kr 96,00
Was kr 132,00Now kr 123,00
Was kr 151,00Now kr 142,00
Was kr 111,00Now kr 105,00
Was kr 167,00Now kr 139,00
Was kr 70,00Now kr 60,00
kr 262,00
Was kr 76,00Now kr 66,00
Was kr 108,00Now kr 99,00
Was kr 91,00Now kr 81,00
Was kr 88,00Now kr 83,00
Was kr 166,00Now kr 157,00
Was kr 146,00Now kr 138,00
Was kr 129,00Now kr 120,00
Was kr 102,00Now kr 93,00
Was kr 182,00Now kr 177,00
Was kr 131,00Now kr 122,00
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