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Was kr 238,00Now kr 168,00
Was kr 239,00Now kr 229,00
Was kr 238,00Now kr 229,00
Was kr 224,00Now kr 215,00
Was kr 178,00Now kr 170,00
Was kr 206,00Now kr 197,00
Was kr 223,00Now kr 214,00
Was kr 209,00Now kr 200,00
Was kr 207,00Now kr 199,00
Was kr 207,00Now kr 199,00
Was kr 205,00Now kr 199,00
Was kr 208,00Now kr 199,00
Was kr 96,00Now kr 86,00
Was kr 160,00Now kr 154,00
Was kr 105,00Now kr 99,00
kr 209,00
Was kr 72,00Now kr 66,00
Was kr 87,00Now kr 81,00
Was kr 172,00Now kr 166,00
Was kr 195,00Now kr 182,00
Was kr 126,00Now kr 120,00
kr 248,00
Was kr 270,00Now kr 237,00
kr 69,00
Was kr 381,00Now kr 329,00
kr 114,00
Was kr 159,00Now kr 153,00
Was kr 155,00Now kr 147,00
Was kr 254,00Now kr 245,00
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