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Was kr 251,00Now kr 230,00
Was kr 435,22Now kr 362,00
Was kr 164,99Now kr 153,00
Was kr 101,00Now kr 89,00
Was kr 466,00Now kr 383,00
Was kr 856,00Now kr 747,00
Was kr 163,00Now kr 144,00
Was kr 328,97Now kr 294,31
Was kr 1 092,06Now kr 822,36
Was kr 457,00Now kr 337,00
Was kr 151,00Now kr 134,00
Was kr 161,00Now kr 102,00
Was kr 86,00Now kr 77,00
Was kr 198,00Now kr 178,00
Was kr 150,00Now kr 132,00
Was kr 193,00Now kr 140,00
Was kr 74,00Now kr 50,00
Was kr 347,00Now kr 293,00
Was kr 561,00Now kr 434,81
Was kr 715,00Now kr 513,00
Was kr 303,10Now kr 257,90
Was kr 175,00Now kr 133,00
Was kr 1 559,00Now kr 1 225,00
Was kr 132,00Now kr 111,00
Was kr 567,00Now kr 426,00
Was kr 51,00Now kr 35,00
Was kr 310,00Now kr 216,00
Was kr 333,00Now kr 267,00
Was kr 143,00Now kr 111,00
Was kr 462,39Now kr 367,51
Was kr 436,11Now kr 334,86
Was kr 500,00Now kr 488,00
Was kr 198,00Now kr 173,00
Was kr 124,00Now kr 119,00
Was kr 360,20Now kr 305,00
Was kr 101,00Now kr 98,00
Was kr 110,00Now kr 108,00
Was kr 202,00Now kr 196,00
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