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Was kr 295,45Now kr 287,92
Was kr 239,00Now kr 232,25
Was kr 328,76Now kr 302,00
Was kr 270,90Now kr 258,30
Was kr 99,99Now kr 93,99
Was kr 263,00Now kr 229,77
Was kr 183,00Now kr 182,00
Was kr 183,00Now kr 177,00
Was kr 272,95Now kr 266,95
Was kr 319,81Now kr 313,81
Was kr 241,00Now kr 239,00
Was kr 175,00Now kr 172,00
Was kr 170,00Now kr 139,00
kr 180,98
kr 179,86
Was kr 218,99Now kr 194,17
Was kr 334,00Now kr 332,00
Was kr 99,00Now kr 95,00
kr 309,38
Was kr 195,00Now kr 193,00
Was kr 102,00Now kr 100,00
Was kr 95,99Now kr 89,99
Was kr 92,40Now kr 86,40
Was kr 138,68Now kr 126,73
Was kr 133,79Now kr 121,84
kr 171,60
kr 198,96
kr 176,00
kr 113,00
Was kr 245,00Now kr 244,00
Was kr 182,00Now kr 181,00
Was kr 240,00Now kr 202,40
Was kr 289,15Now kr 283,15
Was kr 176,73Now kr 170,73
Was kr 245,00Now kr 221,00
Was kr 292,88Now kr 286,88
Was kr 289,71Now kr 283,71
Was kr 311,43Now kr 305,43
Was kr 307,45Now kr 301,45
Was kr 117,92Now kr 111,92
Was kr 174,00Now kr 168,00
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