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Was kr 116,00Now kr 92,00
Was kr 112,42Now kr 95,93
Was kr 130,42Now kr 113,75
Was kr 305,41Now kr 241,88
Was kr 283,93Now kr 245,55
Was kr 249,94Now kr 210,65
Was kr 98,99Now kr 69,99
Was kr 242,00Now kr 216,00
Was kr 240,00Now kr 213,00
Was kr 362,00Now kr 325,00
Was kr 160,99Now kr 142,99
kr 139,00
Was kr 429,00Now kr 417,00
Was kr 344,00Now kr 331,00
Was kr 97,00Now kr 85,00
Was kr 113,00Now kr 100,00
kr 113,99
Was kr 320,00Now kr 307,00
Was kr 218,00Now kr 209,00
Was kr 348,99Now kr 342,99
Was kr 356,00Now kr 341,00
Was kr 219,00Now kr 206,00
Was kr 238,00Now kr 228,00
kr 142,00
Was kr 196,00Now kr 184,00
Was kr 196,00Now kr 183,00
Was kr 187,00Now kr 174,00
Was kr 186,00Now kr 174,00
Was kr 186,00Now kr 174,00
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