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Was kr 357,66Now kr 326,91
Was kr 1 036,00Now kr 927,00
Was kr 446,00Now kr 387,00
Was kr 253,00Now kr 225,00
Was kr 206,00Now kr 160,00
Was kr 626,00Now kr 538,00
Was kr 197,00Now kr 170,00
Was kr 480,00Now kr 416,00
Was kr 450,00Now kr 386,00
Was kr 152,00Now kr 144,00
Was kr 126,00Now kr 113,00
Was kr 542,00Now kr 473,00
Was kr 259,00Now kr 255,00
Was kr 963,00Now kr 862,00
Was kr 836,00Now kr 722,00
Was kr 520,00Now kr 455,00
Was kr 873,00Now kr 771,00
Was kr 187,00Now kr 175,00
Was kr 179,00Now kr 172,00
Was kr 131,00Now kr 125,00
Was kr 139,00Now kr 133,00
Was kr 119,00Now kr 113,00
Was kr 130,00Now kr 128,00
Was kr 146,00Now kr 137,00
Was kr 136,00Now kr 127,00
Was kr 137,00Now kr 129,00
Was kr 954,00Now kr 854,00
Was kr 298,00Now kr 295,00
Was kr 263,00Now kr 251,00
Was kr 485,00Now kr 484,00
Was kr 335,00Now kr 323,00
Was kr 189,00Now kr 182,00
Was kr 187,00Now kr 184,00
Was kr 192,00Now kr 185,00
Was kr 180,00Now kr 174,00
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