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Was kr 87,00Now kr 78,00
Was kr 136,00Now kr 127,00
Was kr 104,00Now kr 95,00
Was kr 124,00Now kr 115,00
Was kr 112,00Now kr 103,00
Was kr 109,00Now kr 100,00
Was kr 110,00Now kr 101,00
Was kr 326,00Now kr 302,00
Was kr 331,00Now kr 307,00
Was kr 229,00Now kr 219,00
Was kr 288,00Now kr 264,00
Was kr 196,00Now kr 187,00
kr 279,00
Was kr 337,00Now kr 311,00
Was kr 178,00Now kr 168,00
Was kr 278,00Now kr 254,00
Was kr 406,00Now kr 383,00
Was kr 139,00Now kr 130,00
Was kr 420,00Now kr 413,00
Was kr 426,00Now kr 357,00
Was kr 398,00Now kr 369,00
Was kr 379,00Now kr 350,00
Was kr 385,00Now kr 356,00
Was kr 376,00Now kr 347,00
Was kr 387,00Now kr 358,00
Was kr 295,00Now kr 286,00
kr 150,00
Was kr 114,00Now kr 104,00
kr 117,00
kr 129,00
Was kr 168,00Now kr 124,00
kr 117,00
Was kr 99,00Now kr 95,00
Was kr 214,99Now kr 193,49
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