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Was kr 610,94Now kr 599,00
Was kr 696,66Now kr 643,00
Was kr 603,14Now kr 443,13
Was kr 64,76Now kr 55,00
Was kr 571,15Now kr 543,75
Was kr 995,35Now kr 862,29
Was kr 747,58Now kr 662,30
Was kr 747,85Now kr 741,85
Was kr 512,12Now kr 371,48
Was kr 1 319,29Now kr 1 313,29
Was kr 1 071,41Now kr 1 023,09
Was kr 576,29Now kr 544,60
Was kr 397,00Now kr 329,00
Was kr 185,00Now kr 165,00
Was kr 96,00Now kr 74,00
Was kr 89,00Now kr 68,00
Was kr 109,00Now kr 88,00
Was kr 69,00Now kr 45,00
Was kr 205,00Now kr 179,00
Was kr 299,00Now kr 298,00
Was kr 306,85Now kr 217,60
Was kr 141,04Now kr 140,29
Was kr 381,79Now kr 375,79
Was kr 601,20Now kr 564,35
Was kr 188,35Now kr 182,35
Was kr 188,08Now kr 182,08
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