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Was kr 161,95Now kr 95,57
Was kr 119,95Now kr 69,42
Was kr 106,30Now kr 95,57
kr 186,00
Was kr 227,00Now kr 189,00
Was kr 324,00Now kr 244,00
Was kr 333,00Now kr 273,00
Was kr 294,00Now kr 257,00
Was kr 271,00Now kr 240,00
Was kr 388,00Now kr 337,00
kr 230,00
kr 232,00
Was kr 226,00Now kr 199,00
Was kr 306,00Now kr 253,00
Was kr 228,00Now kr 200,00
Was kr 348,00Now kr 280,00
Was kr 288,00Now kr 235,00
Was kr 188,00Now kr 158,00
Was kr 306,00Now kr 275,00
Was kr 189,00Now kr 157,00
Was kr 312,00Now kr 259,00
Was kr 270,00Now kr 226,00
Was kr 301,00Now kr 262,00
Was kr 221,80Now kr 132,93
kr 195,20
Was kr 143,05Now kr 108,02
Was kr 250,90Now kr 145,38
Was kr 259,60Now kr 104,63
Was kr 99,90Now kr 93,90
Was kr 82,90Now kr 76,90
Was kr 155,85Now kr 141,77
Was kr 190,95Now kr 129,32
kr 264,00
Was kr 256,00Now kr 240,45
Was kr 275,00Now kr 264,00
Was kr 297,00Now kr 268,00
Was kr 290,00Now kr 263,00
Was kr 261,00Now kr 234,00
Was kr 288,00Now kr 265,00
Was kr 275,00Now kr 236,00
Was kr 278,00Now kr 238,00
Was kr 216,00Now kr 181,00
kr 189,00
kr 324,00
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