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Was kr 164,65Now kr 103,98
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Was kr 162,99Now kr 120,99
Was kr 462,39Now kr 395,00
Was kr 761,90Now kr 586,00
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Was kr 527,00Now kr 357,51
Was kr 173,00Now kr 161,00
Was kr 270,00Now kr 241,10
Was kr 270,85Now kr 258,99
Was kr 329,88Now kr 280,19
Was kr 261,99Now kr 238,99
Was kr 740,13Now kr 710,00
Was kr 203,99Now kr 152,99
Was kr 213,99Now kr 191,99
Was kr 243,85Now kr 231,00
Was kr 267,16Now kr 221,68
Was kr 323,12Now kr 305,00
Was kr 296,99Now kr 265,99
Was kr 285,00Now kr 272,00
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