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Was kr 511,79Now kr 440,00
Was kr 173,45Now kr 160,00
Was kr 174,71Now kr 160,00
Was kr 402,38Now kr 340,00
Was kr 454,49Now kr 400,00
Was kr 358,17Now kr 300,00
Was kr 411,78Now kr 340,00
Was kr 522,24Now kr 465,00
Was kr 629,68Now kr 570,00
Was kr 263,48Now kr 185,00
Was kr 349,17Now kr 300,00
Was kr 595,69Now kr 576,99
Was kr 396,60Now kr 340,00
Was kr 592,38Now kr 535,00
Was kr 631,98Now kr 570,00
Was kr 429,59Now kr 267,00
Was kr 302,79Now kr 237,00
Was kr 607,48Now kr 600,00
Was kr 635,29Now kr 580,00
Was kr 208,14Now kr 185,00
Was kr 192,39Now kr 170,00
Was kr 132,49Now kr 112,62
Was kr 188,42Now kr 144,00
Was kr 120,19Now kr 120,00
Was kr 441,89Now kr 395,00
Was kr 321,69Now kr 257,35
Was kr 264,99Now kr 248,00
Was kr 271,04Now kr 253,00
Was kr 324,73Now kr 265,00
Was kr 295,17Now kr 245,00

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