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Was kr 257,00Now kr 252,36
Was kr 212,55Now kr 209,93
Was kr 595,00Now kr 555,67
Was kr 427,00Now kr 395,95
Was kr 103,00Now kr 79,13
Was kr 110,93Now kr 98,63
Was kr 89,00Now kr 67,00
Was kr 70,00Now kr 62,00
Was kr 104,00Now kr 50,00
Was kr 157,00Now kr 119,00
Was kr 118,00Now kr 98,00
Was kr 122,00Now kr 100,00
Was kr 101,00Now kr 85,00
Was kr 176,00Now kr 136,00
Was kr 177,00Now kr 150,00
Was kr 240,00Now kr 203,00
Was kr 426,00Now kr 358,00
Was kr 324,00Now kr 271,00
Was kr 85,00Now kr 66,00
Was kr 125,00Now kr 99,00
Was kr 119,07Now kr 106,77
Was kr 330,00Now kr 300,60
kr 260,00
Was kr 333,37Now kr 302,24
kr 67,00
kr 82,00
Was kr 192,00Now kr 167,00
Was kr 103,00Now kr 81,00
Was kr 109,00Now kr 99,00
Was kr 188,00Now kr 177,00
Was kr 153,74Now kr 147,74
Was kr 124,00Now kr 113,00
Was kr 253,00Now kr 241,00
Was kr 131,00Now kr 107,00
kr 106,00
Was kr 94,00Now kr 86,00
Was kr 190,00Now kr 178,00
Was kr 219,00Now kr 209,00
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