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Was kr 1 078,00Now kr 210,00
Was kr 282,00Now kr 114,00
Was kr 375,00Now kr 369,00
kr 422,72
Was kr 357,54Now kr 325,19
Was kr 372,00Now kr 361,00
Was kr 365,72Now kr 342,01
Was kr 233,00Now kr 211,00
kr 809,00
Was kr 275,00Now kr 235,00
Was kr 213,00Now kr 178,00
Was kr 403,00Now kr 394,00
Was kr 364,00Now kr 346,00
kr 258,00
Was kr 228,00Now kr 219,00
Was kr 393,00Now kr 377,00
Was kr 289,00Now kr 270,00
Was kr 886,20Now kr 886,00
Was kr 367,00Now kr 353,75
Was kr 429,00Now kr 411,00
Was kr 453,00Now kr 448,00
Was kr 263,00Now kr 252,00
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