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Was kr 333,82Now kr 327,82
Was kr 346,00Now kr 344,00
Was kr 266,48Now kr 260,48
Was kr 269,86Now kr 263,86
Was kr 336,78Now kr 316,06
Was kr 90,00Now kr 83,00
Was kr 263,18Now kr 257,18
Was kr 167,00Now kr 159,00
Was kr 114,00Now kr 107,00
Was kr 75,00Now kr 72,00
Was kr 129,00Now kr 128,00
Was kr 142,00Now kr 140,00
Was kr 176,00Now kr 167,00
Was kr 288,00Now kr 275,00
Was kr 218,00Now kr 212,00
Was kr 121,00Now kr 118,00
Was kr 88,00Now kr 80,00
Was kr 255,00Now kr 240,00
Was kr 234,00Now kr 225,00
Was kr 217,00Now kr 208,00
Was kr 110,00Now kr 107,00
Was kr 95,00Now kr 89,00
Was kr 80,00Now kr 76,00
Was kr 80,00Now kr 73,00
Was kr 110,00Now kr 103,00
Was kr 396,00Now kr 394,00
Was kr 279,00Now kr 263,00
Was kr 123,00Now kr 115,00
Was kr 330,61Now kr 324,61
Was kr 251,00Now kr 235,00
Was kr 205,00Now kr 196,00
Was kr 130,00Now kr 122,00
Was kr 120,00Now kr 114,00
Was kr 132,00Now kr 125,00
Was kr 74,00Now kr 70,00
Was kr 90,00Now kr 84,00
Was kr 97,00Now kr 94,00
Was kr 81,00Now kr 77,00
Was kr 107,00Now kr 104,00
Was kr 144,00Now kr 138,00
Was kr 128,00Now kr 121,00
Was kr 106,00Now kr 99,00
Was kr 273,00Now kr 272,00
Was kr 201,00Now kr 192,00
Was kr 113,66Now kr 96,61
Was kr 119,00Now kr 117,00
Was kr 295,00Now kr 279,00
Was kr 149,00Now kr 143,00
Was kr 52,00Now kr 39,00
Was kr 333,00Now kr 244,41
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