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Was kr 143,32Now kr 125,00
Was kr 495,01Now kr 420,00
Was kr 227,59Now kr 204,83
Was kr 233,39Now kr 189,09
Was kr 207,83Now kr 169,09
Was kr 194,00Now kr 153,00
Was kr 232,99Now kr 180,59
Was kr 372,19Now kr 323,29
Was kr 321,39Now kr 255,89
Was kr 292,09Now kr 236,79
Was kr 391,70Now kr 350,79
Was kr 234,73Now kr 189,19
Was kr 217,79Now kr 166,79
Was kr 131,99Now kr 91,59
Was kr 411,78Now kr 370,59
Was kr 203,59Now kr 164,79
Was kr 123,29Now kr 89,19
Was kr 394,39Now kr 354,19
Was kr 363,13Now kr 309,89
Was kr 281,51Now kr 239,49
Was kr 273,89Now kr 217,39
Was kr 256,29Now kr 225,49
Was kr 181,69Now kr 111,19
Was kr 138,99Now kr 92,79
Was kr 197,76Now kr 156,69
Was kr 453,19Now kr 368,49
Was kr 127,79Now kr 110,00
Was kr 208,40Now kr 173,45
Was kr 105,50Now kr 68,79
Was kr 425,29Now kr 414,05
Was kr 397,09Now kr 349,17
Was kr 255,09Now kr 238,30
kr 132,00
Was kr 86,09Now kr 77,48
Was kr 592,38Now kr 551,19
Was kr 502,05Now kr 460,69
Was kr 254,39Now kr 234,38
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